Blizzcon Virtual Ticket Now Available

Blizzard has now made available the "virtual tickets" to Blizzcon. Like last time, these include live streams to all the panels (including the ability to watch them later on), and various in-game rewards.


What are you waiting for? Go grab one today!

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Legacy of the Confederation Tribute

A forum member, Arkane, created an awesome tribute to Legacy of the Confederation, check it out below:

Discuss it here:

Legacy of the Confederation Logo

Legacy of the Confederation (LotC) was an amazing set of (fan-made) campaigns for StarCraft/Brood War that spanned dozens of maps and included custom music, units, etc... Around the time that StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty launched, we learned that LotC was going to be completely remade for SC2 which included tons of voice acting. However it seems the project has stalled, as there's not been any news posted for quite awhile.

Check out LotC for StarCraft/Brood War over at CampaignCreations: Past Prologue (Episode I), Dawn of Darkness, (Episode II), and Fallen Angel (Episode III)

Galaxy of Fire is the StarCraft II LotC, although the last news posted was back in 2009. Still the teaser is pretty awesome!

All you ever wanted to know about StarCraft

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